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  • Flash Sale: 50% Off: Discovering Commercial Real Estate Online Course
    This course offers a broad overview of the basics of commercial real estate and how it differs from residential real estate. Students will be able to compare (distinguish or understand) the broker’s role and discover the different types of commercial properties, terms, valuation methods, marketing and resources for further education. While it will not equip […]
  • The Measurement of Rent Inflation
    Rents, including what tenants pay to landlords and what homeowners implicitly pay to themselves, have very large weights in US measures of consumer price inflation.  In this video, Dr. Richard Peach discusses how the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates these two measures of rent inflation in the consumer price index, presents alternative estimates based on […]
  • Trends, Issues, and Outlook in Home Remodeling
    In this video, Dr. Kermit Baker discusses trends, issues, and outlook in home remodeling. He talks about home designs and remodeling projects that are in demand, especially by the largest demographic groups, the baby boomers and millennials. Find out which home renovation projects appeal most to home sellers and buyers. Dr. Kermit Baker is a […]
  • Raising the Bar to Propel Real Estate Professionals to the Next Level
    by Paige Tepping No matter the industry, separating yourself from the competition is a critical component that can’t be overlooked. But for the 1.1 million members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) vying for the attention of buyers and sellers on a day-by-day basis, standing out is about more than simply staying up-to-date with the latest tools, trends […]